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Initial revision for AIDA 7.00.004


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DumpAIDA-CFG.. 1

1          Revision Index. 2

2          Table of Content 3

3          Introduction. 4

4          AIDA-CFG Utilities. 5

4.1       DumpConfigFile.exe. 5

4.2       dumpconfigfile.js. 5

4.3       DumpAIDA-CFG*.bat 5

4.4       BeyondCompare Integration. 6


3            Introduction

The AIDA configuration files ("*.aida-cfg") are binary files which contain the complete description of AIDA communication stacks together with some settings for "AIDA_Stacker". For quick check and comparison of such files there is a command line tool and some scripts.

Note: The following needs AIDA v7.00.004 or newer. In older versions there are some options and files missing, and old "dumpconfigfile.js" does not work in Win7 (thanks to MS).

4            AIDA-CFG Utilities

4.1         DumpConfigFile.exe

"DumpConfigFile.exe" is the command line tool to dump the content of "*.aida-cfg". It's in the AIDABIN directory and in standard BSK-AIDA-Installation it is found via PATH and via environment variable AIDAHOME or AIDABIN. In Conti-Platform-Manager-AIDA-Installation the program is found relative to scripts directory. If you move the scripts then you may need to set environment variable "DumpConfigFile_EXE" (in system or user environment) by hand, e.g. with value "C:\tool\common\AIDA7\platform\AIDA_7\SDK_7.00.004_00\bin\DumpConfigFile.exe" (without the ""; reasonable with a tool like portable environment editor RapidEE, see http://www.rapidee.com/en/about).

"DumpConfigFile.exe" can be uses in own scripts and is used by the following utilities.

Start it in a cmd shell without parameters to see a short help with list of available options.

4.2         dumpconfigfile.js

"dumpconfigfile.js" is a script with simple GUI to allow to generate the "DumpConfigFile" result as text file and show this text file with notepad. It's in AIDAHOME + "util" directory.

The result is generated with same name but additional extension ".txt" in same directory as the "*.aida-cfg".

If you frequently use this tool, create a shortcut in your or in public start menu, e.g. in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\BSK AIDA" (or "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Continental\AIDA Platform\SDK 7.00.004_00").


·         Unfortunately MS has removed the really useful file open dialogues in Win7, so some generic MSHTA dialogue is used, which does not allow to define useful filter ("*.aida-cfg") etc. and shows misleading title "Choose File to Upload" (but it's better than nothing).

·         Windows UAC may not allow to create start menu links directly. In this case create the link e.g. on your desktop and then copy it to start menu.

4.3         DumpAIDA-CFG*.bat

"DumpAIDA-CFG*.bat"-scripts allow to generate the "DumpConfigFile" result as text file via "drag and drop" or via "send to". They are in AIDAHOME + "util" directory.

·         DumpAIDA-CFG.bat: Generate dump with default options.

·         DumpAIDA-CFG-ModName.bat: Generate dump with module names (names of AIDA stack components) instead of stack level number and without file name (so the result is better suitable for compare).

The result is generated with same name but additional extension ".dump" in same directory as the "*.aida-cfg".

These batches can be used in several ways:

1.     Drag and drop one or more "*.aida-cfg" to one of the two batches.

2.     Select one or more "*.aida-cfg" and use "Send to" in context menu. In order to do that you must first create a shortcut to the batch you want to use in your "SendTo" folder:

2.1.   Navigate to the batch, use context menu "copy", navigate to your "SendTo" folder (e.g. "Start" then type "shell:sendto", then Enter, or navigate to "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo") then context menu "Paste shortcut". Then open "Properties" via context menu of this shortcut, "Change Icon", navigate to e.g. "AIDA_Stacker.exe", and select the icon.

2.2.   If you like something like sub-menus in "Send to" you can get BSKs free tool "SentToSubMenu.exe" (MS has broken the convenient sub-menu function of "Send to" since Win7).

3.     Select one or more "*.aida-cfg" and drag and drop them to a prepared shortcut. In order to do that you must first create a shortcut to the batch you want to use in some folder where you can easily use it for "Drag and Drop":

3.1.   Good place for such a shortcut is the desktop, or a directory where you have collected many "*.aida-cfg". To make clear that such a shortcut is intended for drag and drop, add "D+D_" as prefix to the name (or "_D+D_" if you want this shortcut to be listed before the normal files in that directory, or "zz_D+D_" if you want it listed after the normal files), giving e.g. "_D+D_DumpAIDA-CFG-ModName.lnk" (where you normally don't see the ".lnk"). Then open "Properties" via context menu of this shortcut, "Change Icon", navigate to e.g. "AIDA_Stacker.exe", and select the icon.

3.2.   Other good place is your "Quick Launch" folder, or an own folder, which you use as toolbar in your taskbar (normally with "Show title" off and "Show Text" off). The "Quick Launch" toolbar is still available, but since Win7 it's not so easy to turn it on (search in internet to find out how). Navigate to the batch, use context menu "copy", navigate e.g. to your "Quick Launch" folder (e.g. "Start" then type "shell:quick launch", then Enter, or navigate to "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch") then context menu "Paste shortcut". Then "Change Icon" (see above).

4.4         BeyondCompare Integration

If you want to a useful compare of "*.aida-cfg" you should define a "File Format" with conversion by "DumpConfigFile.exe". E.g. in BeyondCompare3:

1.     "Tools -> File Formats..."

2.     "New", "Text Format", "OK"

3.     Change name to e.g. "aida-cfg (DumpConfig /ModName)" and enter "*.aida-cfg" as "Mask":

4.     On tab "Conversion" select "External program (ANSI filenames)" and enter for BSK-AIDA-Installation:
cmd /d /c ("%AIDABIN%DumpConfigFile.exe" /ModName /noFileName %s) >%t
or for BSKD with DumpConfigFile.exe:
cmd /d /c ("%BSKDHOME%DumpConfigFile.exe" /ModName /noFileName %s) >%t
or if you have set "DumpConfigFile_EXE":
cmd /d /c ("%DumpConfigFile_EXE%" /ModName /noFileName %s) >%t
or if DumpConfigFile.exe found in PATH:
cmd /d /c ("DumpConfigFile.exe" /ModName /noFileName %s) >%t
or DumpConfigFile.exe with full path.

5.     Click "Save".

6.     If you want to switch between "comparison without conversion" and "comparison with conversion", you must ensure, that the corresponding format is found first in the list. So without an extra format you would need to move the new "aida-cfg" format down below "Everything Else" to disable this conversion (which is faster and more exact than with conversion). In Order to have nicely sorted formats, it's best to define a new "aida-cfg" format without conversion, and then simply switch order of these two formats (like you see in above screen shots). Simply create a new "Text Format" e.g. with name "aida-cfg (Text)" for "*.aida-cfg" and leave "None" for "Conversion".

7.     If you opened the "*.aida-cfg" in BeyondCompare3 without conversion, you can use the "Format" button to switch to e.g. "aida-cfg (DumpConfig /ModName)", so you will see something like this:

instead of: